How Safe Form Works

Step 1

Enter your name in the column below and press submit. You will be rediected to your designated Google Form.

Step 2

Once on this page, don't press reload or go back since autosave is off and in doing so, you will lose all your progress.

Step 3

While filling the form, if you open another tab or deviate from the form, you will be warned. The warn limit on the form is 3.

Step 4

If the number of warns increases more than 3, your session will be terminated and since autosave is off, all your progress will be lost.

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Given below are the perks or features our site offers to strengthen the security of quizes held via Google Forms.

Anti Cheat Technology for Google Forms

  • After crossing 3 warns, the session termination screen rolls in.
  • This can also happen if the navbar timer hits 00:00.

Timed Google Forms for better exams and quizes

  • The default time for the forms are 15 minutes.
  • This time can be customized based on the teacher's needs.

Custom Instructions for Students

  • These instructions are meant to guide students during the test.
  • If the test has different sections, it informs the student how to go about them.

A Full Screen Viewing Experience for the students

  • Once on the form, students will be needed to answer the test in Full-Screen.
  • The Full-Screen Mode is forced as it prevents students from getting distracted.

Warning Students if they try to cheat

  • The total number of warnings a student is allowed is 3.
  • Warns are there to give the students a chance to improve their habit of cheating.

Session Termination on crossing the warns

  • Even after 3 warns if the student continues cheating, his session will be terminated.
  • After a session is terminated, the student can't refill the form even if he reloads or tries to go back.
  • If the student decides to fill in the form from another device, he'll lose all his progress since auto-save is disabled.

Disabling JavaScript won't work

  • This is for all the geeky students who watch too much tips & tricks videos on how to cheat in tests.
  • Even if a student disables JS for the website, they won't be able to attempt the test.